Rant: On “Real” Reviews

In a time where everyone is a critic and there’s plenty of platforms where one can share their opinion, is there really a need for “real” reviews that get printed by publications?

Rant:”Do you know how to cook?”

I do have beef with this idea that “knowing how to cook” is primarily associated with being able to cook Western foods like pastas, breads and the multitude of desserts.

Food Misc.

What I’d Rec: Campus Coffees

I thought I should write about one of my most frequently asked things: which place is the best for coffee and studying?

Personal Essays

The (legal) drinking age: 21

In regards to drinking, I kind of wanted today’s post to be a little story telling, rather than a typical blog. But I have to keep this light-hearted – no bummer breaks today… because it’s my birthday.

An Ode to Avocado Toast

I didn’t realize avocados would bring me more than being able to make some nice breakfasts for myself.

Fork in the Road

… the main reason my friend and I were downtown was to meet with my boyfriend and break up with him

Spongecakes and diabetes: 奶奶

Most of my memories of her consist of her thin-lipped smile, eyes that never seemed completely satisfied or happy at whatever she was looking at, bony and veiny hands that were always cold…



Mental Health

Guilty w/Food: My Korean Food Conundrum

Since the end of my freshman year, it seems like any time I am going through a particularly difficult or emotional period, that I find myself at Korea House, a restaurant on Hilyard.

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I’m really not sure what to do.

An Open Letter to My Future Self

Do you believe in speaking or writing things into existence? I thought perhaps with this newfound ~influence~ that I can encourage you to do exercises like this as well.

Soundtrack of This Moment: Sad Grrl Hour

I think a playlist is very revealing of a person, especially curated ones that encapsulate emotions as deep as sadness, since people go through their feelings in such different ways.

Career Crisis: Internship Rejections

If there’s something I think most people know about me, it’s that I pride myself on doing well in the professional sphere… but why am I feeling like I’m confronting a career-related crisis?

Blog Post Series

Summer 2020

Summer Recipes to Feel Something

Welcome to the summer of staying inside. Though we’re stuck inside, I’ve realized I’ll do anything to feel something – that something has become cooking.

Coping through the Chaos (Early Pandemic)

Holiday 2019