About Me

Hey – it’s Em. I’m currently a college student and this is my personal food blog! I love thinking deeply about food and writing about my thoughts, so this is my hub for all of that.

“Sik Fan Mei, Ah?” means “have you eaten yet?” in Cantonese, and in a way is both literally asking “have you eaten yet?” but also figurately asking if your mind has too (like, “have you had any food for thought today?”).

When I started this blog, I was trying to manifest my wildest dreams of being a food writer… but now I’m just content doing writing of any sort, which has led to this being more than just a food blog, but a mini chronicle of my life as well.

I post weekly, but if that’s not enough stuff for you to read about me, I also write for the Daily Emerald as their food writer, relationship columnist and culture reporter. (Hear any similarities?) Oh, and keep up with my social media for updates and to interact with me! I love feedback and getting new ideas about new post ideas.

In any case, thanks for sticking around to read my posts, it really means a lot – I really appreciate it.

Have you eaten yet? If not, don’t forget to!