Soundtrack of This Moment: Sad Grrl Hour

One of the things I think that surprises people the most is that I love love love love love music, especially singing and listening to lyrics. When I can, I have headphones on and memorizing lyrics. I did choir all through middle and high school. Karaoke is one of my favorite activities and I am constantly on the hunt for new music. (Oh, and when I was younger I played clarinet, violin and piano, participated in orchestra all through high school.)

I thought of this post idea after thinking about the drive from the beach back to Eugene I did on Sunday, from a student org retreat. My passenger had fallen asleep, so I was blasting a SiriusXM radio station (pop top hits) to make the time pass as I drove through hail. Most of the music was sad, heavy on the poetic lyrics but most of all really made me go through my feelings. If we all have different tastes in music, at the very least I’m comforted that we all feel something from music.

The past few weeks have been kind of rough, to be honest. With Valentine’s Day, seeing romances of others in daily life and generally most of my playlist full of relationship-centric songs, I guess I can say I’m going through some Sad Grrl Hour(s) right now. I think a playlist is very revealing of a person, especially curated ones that encapsulate emotions as deep as sadness, since people go through their feelings in such different ways.

I think my music taste is surprising, since I think few people actually know or can guess what I listen to, but I hope you like this first edition of my newest mini-series, “Soundtrack of This Moment” (songs in no particular order).

Sad Grrl Playlist (Feb. 2020)

Spotify link:

“3:15” by Bazzi (Cosmic)

I can listen to this song all day, every day – it’s one of my evergreen songs.

“La La Lost You Acoustic version” by NIKI (Head in the Clouds II)

NIKI is one of my favorite artists right now, her lyrics are so heartfelt and the acoustic version tinged with just enough melahcholy.

“25 in Barcelona” by JP Saxe (Hold it Together EP)

I really resonated with this, perhaps not missing a birthday per se, but missing important dates… I can still cry about it to this day.

“Shouldn’t Have Said It” by Julia Michaels (Inner Monologue Part 2)

Sometimes I’ll listen to this song, or it’ll pop up in my playlist and I can doubt all my decisions (especially my romantic endeavors)

“Missing You” by The Vamps (Missing You)

I will admit that I hate to lose face, especially in admitting I made a wrong decision that has hurt others.
This is me saying I’m sorry, and I think and regret my decisions immensely.

“Moral of the Story” by Ashe (To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You Official Soundtrack)

Reflecting on a year and eight months

“Circles” by Post Malone (Hollywood’s Bleeding)

Heart wrenching cycles

“Feel It Twice” by Camila Cabello (Romance)

Something I wish

“Mean It” by Lauv ft. LANY (~how i’m feeling~)

People are so.. inconsistent

“To Die For” by Sam Smith (Single)

A simple longing

“3 Minutes” by JP Saxe (Hold it Together EP)

Right person, wrong time?

“I Wouldn’t Know Any Better Than You” by Gentle Bones (Michelle EP)


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