Holiday Endings: Thoughts on New Year, Same Resolutions

Happy New Year! I hope wherever you are, that your year transitioned well. I know for all the folks in Australia, Hong Kong and the Middle East that it was particularly rough and pass on hopeful wishes and thoughts.

That aside, in an attempt to keep the holiday spirit still around, what better to cap off with one last post? As much as I dislike the holidays, the transition into the new year is probably my favorite part.

But what of new year’s resolutions? I think they’re the same, for most people: lose some weight, get off the phone, be more social, etc. I think what really sucks about the whole “new year, new me” is that the people’s lifestyle routines are too ingrained to actually commit to making a change.

It’s almost pathetic how as people we’re all doomed for mediocrity. (Wow, my resolution to be more positive really starting at a high point.) But seriously, when was the last time you made a change and then stuck to it consistently? I’ll even call myself out, don’t you worry.

In getting ready for the new year and thinking about what to improve going into 2020, I was watching a lot of self-help/motivation/care videos. One afternoon, I saw a video by The Financial Diet, a channel I will watch on occasion, titled “Why I’m Sick of ‘Self-Care.'”

My mind was blown. I had been thinking about all the things I should’ve done during break – much of which I have done – but I was lagging on a lot of organizational and tedious tasks like organizing the documents on my computer, due to getting cluttered during fall term.

After watching this video, I spent the next few days being really productive since I just kept repeating to myself “this is self-care.” I’m really glad I did, because I ended up cleaning all the documents and photos on my laptop, finally creating a sorting system for everything. Then, I sorted out my Google drive… oh my gosh it was soo cluttered – I hadn’t gone through and sorted it for literal years, so it was a tiny achievement to go through it in the end and see it all tidied up. Also, I even rounded up a bunch of clothes and other things to donate.

One of my goals was to do more adulting, but aside form that I really have almost the same exact resolutions as last year’s. Thankfully, I think the path to actually completing all of them will lie in finding more videos, articles and the like in guiding me to have different perspectives in order to fully achieve my goals.

Should I post what some of my goals are? I’d love to hear about your goals or enlightening things that have helped you out, leave them in the comments and I’ll be happy to receive or discuss “self-improvement” further.

A kind of shitty photo (I blame my phone camera which made it seem like this photo would turn out okay until I looked at it again)

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