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Happy Tuesday! I’m feeling reminiscent of the days my blog would come out on Tuesdays… it’s kinda wild since I made the switch in 2019, and now we’re in 2021! Since those days, I can barely recognize some of the writing that I’ve done… it’s weird to have only a faint memory of something you’ve done that technically follows you forever, but I digress…

Also, my blog’s two year birthday is actually next week, not this week… I’ve apparently used up so much of my brain during term that I forgot how to read a calendar. So to celebrate my blog’s second birthday, I wanted to post TWICE this week to celebrate, but because I got the dates wrong when I initially announced it on Twitter I’m just doing two weeks of double posting LOL. So to kick things off, I though I would do a good old fashioned food rant, because this has been REALLY getting to me lately…

People don’t tip nearly as much as they should.

Sure, as the point made in this recent Eater article about how the responsibility of keeping restaurants open shouldn’t lie on the customers but instead on the government is a sentiment I agree with completely. There’s plenty of reasons why I would support not opening up restaurants for indoor eating, even with Lane County and other parts of Oregon opening up their dining rooms and other nonessential business venues up. I’ve missed all of them and want to have those experiences, but I do that enough on my podcast, the Food Fumble Hotline, cohosted by Jamie Diep.

But I believe restaurant owners are (mostly) making the best decisions based on what their business needs, because as much as we customers shouldn’t be the ones solely supporting restaurants, that is what has come of most businesses. Which brings in my next point: people aren’t tipping as much or even less than before the pandemic.

Before you launch into an argument about how tipping isn’t necessary, I would ask you this: how many people do you know whose pay has been slashed because of the pandemic? (If your answer was at least one person, than yes, you understand my point.) Restaurants are barely operating at the capacities they used to, with many even more understaffed than they were before the pandemic. In addition, restaurant workers have to do more now than they used to, especially with the additional tasks of sanitizing and telling patrons to wear their masks.

Restaurant workers’ greater responsibility….

…really shouldn’t be telling people to wear their masks properly, deal with customers’ anger about having to wear masks and anger about fewer services/foods being offered. It’s not their fault, and especially with more places opening up, people have forgotten there are still restrictions in place… as much as it may seem like things are as they were pre-pandemic.

Photo by Blake Wisz on Unsplash

But as places are opening up, the blurring of lines of when its appropriate to inform someone to wear their mask gets muddier. So, with these additional duties in mind, you should be tipping more, or if you weren’t already, start doing so.

And I know of people who said they were only tipping for takeout but not for additional food places like coffee or ice cream – no you should tip there too. They are all facing the same responsibilities, and if you are going to be buying anything from these food places, you should also show you appreciate their duties. Also, because tipping is on principle – don’t go to eat if you can’t tip 15-20%.

So please, respect restaurants, support them – but do recognize they are putting themselves at risk for their bottom dollar. Customers like us shouldn’t be the ones they depend on to get by in this panorama, but to show support you should absolutely tip.

Phew! Hopefully I don’t get ~canceled~ with this perspective…(/sarcasm)

But all jokes aside, this is something I’ve held close to my heart, and if you have eaten with me during this panorama and noticed you didn’t tip, I most likely shamed you (I do not apologize for it!)

If you’ve been eating, do you tip? Did I make a compelling enough case? Hopefully I did, but only time will tell….

In any case, this will be the first of two for this week – what else should I talk about? I like knowing what people want to read, but in the end it all boils down to me, ahaaaaah… But if you do have something, leave a comment or shoot me a message over Twitter or Instagram!

I hope you have a good week, and I’ll see you on Thursday!

Have you eaten yet? If not, don’t forget to!


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