Divine timing and other updates

If you can and have the means, I highly recommend donating to Family Meal, a Portland-based nonprofit designed to help food service and agricultural workers during a medical debt crisis. Your help right now is needed more than ever. Thank you.

Hey… it’s been a while.

Although no one really looks for my blog (I think) it’s been an interesting experience taking a backseat to it. Like, I really just didn’t post for a month. Nor do I have, really, any excuses for it. I was actually just rereading what my last update was and laughed.

Do you ever get into a funk and think, I don’t think this feels right. There’s no rhyme or reason, no fully fleshed explanation – just a gut feeling? So I stopped writing, even after announcing for myself more time between posts by scheduling out further. In one month’s time, I did a lot of thinking about what this could all be about. In one month’s time, it will be SFMA’s two year birthday. Crazy, right?

To date, I think not writing for one month helped. I have a lot of stuff on the back burner that I actually want to write about (including a post with a special interview!) In not writing for one month, I didn’t do my Valentine’s Day double post special like I did last year (honestly kind of relieved I didn’t because LNY, Valentine’s Day and the big snowstorm in Portland was a lot to deal with) which I was sad about because I thought of doing another relationship-related post, but that remains on the back burner. I’d like to thank divine timing on having my back, because I definitely did not expect anything like that weekend to turn out as it did.

My cover story in the box !

This isn’t to say I didn’t do any writing – I did relationship advice and a cover story and Eugene Valentine’s day specials and ranked brunches for the Daily Emerald – but I think stepping outside myself gave me some more headspace to take on my blog in a thoughtful way.

In other news, I also… got an internship! Finally, after in agony of not being able to attain one because of covid, I have something lined up for this summer. I’m very excited for it and honestly am still a bit in disbelief, like at any moment I’ll receive an email in my inbox with the subject line of “joke’s on you: rescinding offer.” Which is ridiculous, I know, but that worry is just in the back of my mind, a pestering voice that won’t go away.

All in all, this is just to say that divine timing does its wonders. I think I’ve leveled myself out better, the momentum for everything feels good, and I’m… really happy to be back. Posting schedule is still up in the air, TBH, but for now, hopefully you’ll receive me kindly.

Stay safe and well out there, everyone! Thank you for the grace.

Have you eaten yet? If not, don’t forget to!


新年快樂! Happy Lunar New Year, welcome the ox!

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